Portal Development Services

Brain InfoTech has mastered the art of developing and deploying web portal. Our portal solutions are quite economic to the portal users and has a large future expansion scope.

Brain InfoTech develops portals of all types to provide dynamic web experience and broad functional capacity to enterprises, their customers and partners. We do Customer Portal Development, B2B Portal Development and NGO Portal Development.

Portal Development Services

There are various types of web portals depending upon the usage and content restrictions. Some of them are-

  • Government and federal portals.
  • Corporate and enterprise portals.
  • Cultural and trade portals.
  • Stock and financial portals.
  • Search portals.
  • Tender and bidding portals
  • Domain specific portals

The unique features of a portal include the following-

  • Personal login is required.
  • Only portal members can see the (member) content.
  • Content is placed according to the requirement of the end user.
  • It is a secure access point for personalized information.
  • It has communication features with other portal members and even groups.
  • It offers interactive functionality for portal site members.

At Brain InfoTech we take care of the following things during web portal development-

  • Cross browser compatibility.
  • Responsive Layout
  • Seamless updates and patches.
  • Friendly error messages and proper exception handling.

To provide a 99.99 % up time and a reliable and consistent performance we undertake the following steps:-

  • We deploy our solutions on cloud.
  • Instead of using single service, we divide the cloud services and use multiple services.
  • Cloud performance¬† alarm are set and also performance logs are been monitored.
  • Additional cloud security tools are been used to prevent injections and to avoid intrusions.

To ensure the security of the portal, we undertake the following steps-

  • Prevention of SQL injections and intrusions.
  • Password encryption.
  • Individual data storage.
  • Avoiding cross site scripting.
  • Software patches.
  • Internal systems are been developed & monitored, to secure data from our teammates too.

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