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Accounting, Billing, Inventory, Productiong & Decision Making Solution.
power soft erp

Save Time Save Time with an easy-to-use, GUI and self understood application. It also makes your business process very smooth and excepatble. Power-Soft is a logical next step for any growing business.
Synchronize Synchronize datafor all the branches at your head office, And that too with "Global Access Anlaysis". View any or all the reports for any branch, from any where in the world.
We Owe We Owe your business management worries. Even though using Power-Soft is easy, our friendly and easy GUI helps user understanding the processes in much simpler and better way. Still our experts are standing by, to provide you with our friendly customer service.
Services Full Service for a small business-friendly price. Power-Soft is an affordable alternative to pricey traditional business management tool and it offers more features than budget. It gives you more value then the cost.
Manage Icon Advance Billing, Promotions and Inventory management modules gives you a simple, efficient and cost-effective way to gain full control over accounting, billing and inventory processes of your organization. Simple and reliable bookkeeping utility is useful to meet the exact needs of business in most cost effective way. The solution has such advance features, which facilitates the organization to do more business with the same existing resources. So now onwards no more hassels for your business management and analysis.
With power-soft Solutions you get:-
  • Get up and running quickly and easily
  • Automate inventory and purchasing management
  • Streamline transaction processing
  • Analyze data with flexible reporting options
  • Connect data across multiple stores
  • Scale to meet business growth