Project details & skill requirements for college students as on 1st Jan 2017.

Project Name Project Details Technical Skill Required Project Duration
PHP Related Projects

Recruiter Assesor

Need to create candidate recruitment assesement forms based on the technical skills.

(I)PHP 5.5 or above
(II)MySQL 5.5
(III)MVC Architecture with OOPs and COM+
(V)JQuery and Javascript

3 Month

.NET Related Projects


Need to create a desktop based application Data Manager, which can connect to either MS-SQL Server or MySQL Server and to the functionalities like SQL Server Management Studio.

(I)VB .NET (3.5)
(II)MS-SQL 2005
(III)3 tier and COM+

4 Month

Speaking UI

Need to create a desktop based class application, which can recognize the voice and convert it to text.

(I)VB .NET (3.5)
(II)3 tier and COM+

4-6 Month


We have certain project in our bags and would like to pull it out, But we are looking for highly skilled students who are aware with the technology. Besides the basic fundamentals they should also be able to understand and work on 3 tier application development concepts and COM+ development concepts. If you are a student and looking for a challenging project and  if you are skilled then only contact us. Un-skilled developers wont be entertained.
If you are capable of doing the above projects and also do understand the technical needs specified and are capable for the same then write (do not call) us at and our team will respond you within 24 working hours.

Last updated on 1st January 2017. Valid till 60 days.