Brain InfoTech is a hi-tech software development company. Brain InfoTech in-sources development projects from US, UK, Africa and Gulf Countries. Brain InfoTech also serves the community with their robust and ready to use web based and desktop solutions. Brain InfoTech was formed in year 2000, But the roots were been seeded in 1993 and we still serve and will keep on serving.


Our mission is to have the most economic and highly skilled development center. We create opportunities and options for RnD and then those successful RnD are then converted to systems. We will keep our cost low and will releave the stress and enjoy development, using the performance and delivery measurement systems.



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Brain InfoTech's slogan itself says our values, We have dedicated our brains for our clients and partners success and its not only the brains but our body and our soul too. We also add honesty, dedication and creativity to our values. Our team is not a clock oriented team, Its a task oriented team and they very well understand the value of their commitments.

Our organization has a very minimal hierarchy, Which creates a healthy communication system, among the organization. Our white-collar team has one director, one CEO and two project managers, along with a small & skilled team of developers. We do not wish to have a huge team with low productivity, Instead we wish to have a minimal team with very high productivity and thats why we grow on a very gradual basis.

After seven years of job the director decided to own his own firm, which was the birth idea of Brain InfoTech. Brain InfoTech was established in January 2000 and it was been started as an advance and specialized software training institute. Then after in April 2003, The company decided to create a win win situation for students and clients, And thats when the company started its software development department. And since today also we continue with our both training and development departments. And with grace of god we have lot many happy clients


We serve mid and small business segments with customized desktop/web based applications or with our ready to use software solutions.

Desktop Applications

We serve customized desktop solutions, which can be developed using .NET or Java technologies.

Web Base Application

We do customized development for web based applications, CMS sites and E-Commerce Sites. The applications are been developed using either .NET, PHP or Java.

Our ready to serve software solutions

includes HR, Retail, Help Desk, E-Commerce, Accounting and SBS ERP.